The truth is, we help our clients get more leads without wasting money on ineffective marketing. Guaranteed.

Find out exactly what you need to do to STAND OUT on LinkedIn, so that you become the go to in your industry. In addition, we will explain exactly why you need to be mining for ideal clients, how to do that, and start to generate that LEAD GENERATION MACHINE.

We talk about the latest tools, bots, and AI software that actually works. And by works, we mean converts to paying clients that puts CASH into your bank account, spending only minutes a day. 
Yep. MINUTES PER DAY. Can you find the time? The better question, is with this type of system available, how can you not?


“Got 28 New Prospects in 24 Hours. What other system does that?”
Jamie Lee
“They cater their approach to you based on your business needs and sales goals, while taking into account your work-life balance.”
“Not only have they continued to support me through the growth of my business, but also they consistently offer new recommendations of tools and tricks to help get more leads. I recommend Linked Leads tremendously– it has altered the course of my business! “

The World's Best Digital Marketing This is our journey...

The Beginning
At first blush, this didn’t seem like a fairy tale. It actually didn’t even seem like it would work. Kim is in Texas. Gretchen’s in Virginia. Kim is super smart with an MBA and a bunch of letters after her name and start ups under her belt. Gretchen’s degree is in music and she spent 10 years in corporate sales. How does that even come together?
Well, as it turns out, it’s a recipe for magic
Gretchen and Kim have been working together creating digital marketing magic. Having helped over 100 companies grow their online presence, generate leads and make more sales, they KNOW the key is to innovate, to look at the market, and to marry relationships and tech to create custom magic for their clients. 
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